Your contractor says you already have a confidentiality agreement. You search for this word. Although the document is called something completely different (such as a non-disclosure agreement), you find it. No problem for DOCUVISTO. Just search associatively.

Our studies have shown that searching for documents, contracts and files is one of the major time wasters in legal departments. On the other hand, we can expect a high increase in efficiency from a fast and successful search. Further analysis led us to the conclusion that it is not the external factors that play the essential role but the internal ones. This requires some explanation

External factors that drag out the search are papers misplaced in the physical world, piles of files, or documents not returned. Internal factors refer to the document contents, which one needs to know as well as possible to get to the result quickly when searching electronically. We have found that, surprisingly, many authors  do not remember the exact content of a document relatively soon after it was created, in the sense of what words  were used, for example. In the case of external documents that were not written by the authors themselves, this was the case within a very short time after reading them.

In addition, for all the accuracy and precision of legal language, there are always different ways of formulating it, and this is regularly applied. To put it bluntly, everyone writes the way he or she likes. This resulted in the greatest difficulties in our analyses in finding certain documents from different authors.

To solve this challenge, we have therefore opened up a bigger box - in addition to clever search techniques, we also make use of artificial intelligence, AI.


Assoziatives Dokumentenmanagement mit Docuvisto


90% convincing

DOCUVISTO – Intelligentes Dokumentenmanagement
Seamless integration

DOCUVISTO fits seamlessly into Syndikus. You don't even notice it. The document engine runs as a server service in the engine room of your IT.  All you see is a menu item "Full Text Search". All you notice is the speed with which a scanned document can be searched in full text at any place and found at lightning speed.

Familiar presentation

Just like in Internet search engines, DOCUVISTO displays the hits: With surrounding text, all hits below each other and double-click was, so that you immediately open the document. In addition, you see the links of the document (for example, to files or companies). Wonderful. The power of habit.

Great features

The most important thing about an add-on module is that you are missing something if you don't have it. Why do nine out of ten customers also license DOCUVISTO when they choose SYNDIKUS? DOCUVISTO is simply the perfect addition that goes far beyond what is known as full text search with OCR. Finding documents by searching for the unknown full text is one side of the coin. DOCUVISTO changes the whole game with distance search and associative search. It is a true game changer.

Document Management

Above, because of the groundbreaking possibilities with DOCUVISTO, we mainly talked about OCR, full text search and the two functions of distance search and associative search. Of course, SYNDIKUS can already handle documents excellently without DOCUVISTO. You add free keywords to documents and can search for them. You assign limited reading rights if your trainees should not have access to certain documents. You extend access to external consultants or other departments such as executive assistant, purchasing or sales.

Further extremely useful metadata for the documents complete the document management in SYNDIKUS. Any formats can be added and who reads, changes and saves documents again, as long as the rights are given, is always traceable. External copies are noted in the document history as well as the origin. If documents are moved or copied from one file to another, you can see this. If the document has been received as an attachment to an e-mail, this is also displayed. Almost needless to mention that Syndikus comes with text templates and placeholders for fully automatic document generation.

All options

The many features in Document Management give your organization all the capabilities needed to handle records efficiently and wisely.

Smart structures

Documents can be assigned anywhere. Not only in the file, but also in contract management, trademark or patent management, real estate or corporate housekeeping.

Safely stored

With Syndikus, you store documents in specially protected locations and, if required, highly encrypted. In this way, the company's internal information is particularly well protected.