More than the corporate file

With the optional Group Management module, SYNDIKUS can support your work as a corporate lawyer far better than by a mere "company file". Within the company itself, the shareholding relationships can be maintained easily and conveniently. Shareholders and participations, both national and international, are just as visible as the key data from the commercial register, details of the capital, committees and boards, signatory powers and associated contracts. You can see terminations of agency relationships, procuration and power of attorney and are immediately up-to-date.

In the case of corporate investments, due diligence is supported and the new investment can be precisely assigned to the shareholder with several digits behind the decimal point. The group graphic shows you the interrelationships and outputs them to you as a vector graphic. This offers the advantage that the graphic can be scaled to any size without loss and you can print it with a plotter up to unbelievable billboard sizes.

Within the archive structure, document categories can be used, which in a first stage make a rough pre-distinction between categories such as commercial register, company law documents or finances. Subcategories then define the individual document baskets such as commercial register applications, register notifications or, in the other categories, for example, articles of association, resolutions or capital increases.

Assoziatives Dokumentenmanagement mit Docuvisto

Group management at a glance

You get an immediate and complete overview of the group companies and their contracts at any time. Both the essential framework data internally and the external information are reliably and compactly combined in one module of SYNDIKUS. Work on opportunities of restructurings and on and risks of possible participations in a rights-controlled manner.

The company does not need any further software to fully map this corporate law aspect. With the Group Management module, you have all data in one solution within the SYNDIKUS structure without fragmentation of the software landscape. By integrating the management level (management or board of directors) via a web-based interface, procedures, processes and completeness can be checked and evaluated at any time.

One system

No additional software solution is required. You avoid isolated solutions in corporate housekeeping. Your corporate housekeeping is fully integrated into the systematics of your legal  management system. This is also where it belongs.

All companies

With the focus on the entire group and not just on one company, you have a view from the very top, the global investment management, all the way down to the individual commercial register extract. Depending on the question, you get answers and reports with just a few clicks.

Small costs

With the cost advantage of an add-on module to a complete system, you get functionalities that would otherwise be significantly more expensive with a stand-alone solution. For licensing, customization, training and maintenance.